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My first run in the rain

Yes, I did get caught in the rain while running before, but no, I had never before willingly laced up my trainers while it was chucking it outside. But as it has been raining for what feels like forever, and

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Where’s the last month gone?

I seem to work and work and eat and eat and then eat some more (getting a bit out of control but will spend March detoxing so that's alright. Mmmh, was going to spend January detoxing, then decided it was

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2009 was not all bad

I don't think I've ever done one of these end-of-year reviews. I always lacked the energy and motivation to look back. But as 2009 draws to a close, after seeing so many friends' Facebook and Twitter updates bidding good riddance

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My Bupa Great Capital Run

On Sunday morning I tied an electronic chip on my running shoes, pinned my race number on my running top and headed to Regent’s Park to take part in the Bupa Great Capital Run. Runners were divided into England, Australia

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