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A very much planned headache

Today my head is thumping, it was planned, and it has nothing to do with yesterday being Christmas (I only had a chocolate slip-up after opening presents, then had a reasonably moderate Christmas dinner, then stopped eating for the day.

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Ping Pong dim sum restaurant, Oxford Circus, London

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Lost three pounds in a week

I lost three pounds last week. In weight, not money thank you very much. It could have been the flu, it could have been my March detox (no wheat, dairy, sugar or alcohol for a month), it certainly was not

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Stuart’s mammoth roast dinner

  Sunday dinner. Could only have half, so I finished it last night. Made it last twice as long, for twice the pleasure!

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A week’s worth of meals, before and after

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Capture live data with Google Docs

Google Docs lets you link a spreadsheet to a web form. Entries via the web form (by yourself or anyone else that you have sent the link to) update the spreadsheet automatically. I use it as a food diary: I

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