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Saturday morning find: Mr G – Naughty Girl

Possibly even better when viewed in the context of Mr G – The Musical (song starts at 2:28):

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The best and the worst of the UK

There’s nothing I like on TV these days. Apart from the fantastic Flight of the Conchords, all saved up on the PVR for a rainy day marathon, all I record now is filler TV, the kind of stuff I play

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Overheard on Studio 60

Wilson White to Jordan McDeere on last week’s (terrestrial UK) episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Content may be king, but distribution pays the king’s mortgage.

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I’m on the track for a little green bag

There’s this song I’ve been humming to musically well-read (or should that be ‘well-listened’?) friends for a while now, to see if they could help me put a title and performer on it, and to tell me where I might

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Three hours of TV my life will never give me back

It had been so long since I’d just sat on the couch to take in what TV had to offer. Well, recorded and watched mostly at 1.5 speed skipping all the ads. And a few boring bits. So tonight I

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The Royal Vauxhall Tavern Cross for Valour

I watch less and less Big Brother with every passing year, and this being season 8, I practically tuned in on opening night and then just read Grace Dent’s TV OD at Radio Times on Mondays and Thursdays. Grace Dent

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Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor

Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor is a new comedy show on BBC Three. Very funny – and at last a sketch show that does not rely almost exclusively on catchphrases (remember Little Miss Jocelyn? ‘It’s going to take a looong

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