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So, Milan then

Milan was full of surprises, new things and realisations that life (and I) have moved on since I lived there ten years ago. On the way out I got to try the Heathrow Express’ e-ticketing with a barcode scanned from

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On holiday soon, again

I have recently drawn up a budget and started sticking to it – or trying to, considering many of my close friends are turning 40 this year and I like giving nice gifts on such an circumstance. One of the

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Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station

Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, originally uploaded by bitful. Sixteen years after spending one winter in Nottingham to start a Ph.D. I never finished, I went back for a brief afternoon visit during this Christmas break. As we approached Nottingham, this familiar

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Merry Christmas from Stuart and Luca

Merry Christmas from Stuart and Luca: photoset on Flickr Merry Christmas from Stuart and Luca: slideshow on Flickr

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No more ‘heavy legs’ for the French

As you may remember, I was born and raised in Italy, went to school and graduated in the UK, worked in France for seven years, then Italy for another three and since 2002 I have been back in the UK.

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Our recent long weekend in Rome

I recently spent a long weekend in Rome with Dr B. We left on Thursday morning very early, took a taxi to the hotel (guide books and even a sign at the airport say that it is a fixed price,

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International Pillow Fight Day

Massive pillow fight in Leicester Square yesterday afternoon: I had to join in, even if it means I almost dropped my camera. I also have some photos of the pillow fight on Flickr. It was very pointless, yet exhilarating, and

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All I want is a seat with juice

I seem to be unable to travel without electronics to keep me entertained during trips. A what? A ‘book’, you say? Is it something I can download on my phone? So when I book seats I try and get one

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A minibus with wings

Air France, said the reservation. And the check-in counter, and the boarding pass. And the crew’s uniforms at the gate. One of them looked at my boarding pass, then projected “Le six” across the queue to her colleague entering boarding

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Greetings from Belfast

I owe you an explanation, don’t I? Weeks without a proper post on these pages, apart from Word of the Day, My Week on the Web and sometimes 7 Things I Did Not Know Last Week. Not a lack of

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Big Ben silenced for a month

Starting this morning at 8am, Big Ben is not going to chime for a few weeks while maintenance work is carried out. I am told that at night we can sometimes hear the bongs from our flat. But at night

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My photo on the Schmap London Guide

Cheap and grumpy, originally uploaded by bitful. Blimey. A cameraphone photo I snapped at Wong Key last December has been selected for inclusion in the newly released third edition of the Schmap London Guide. View my photo on the Schmap

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The only time Italians will not invade your personal space

Yesterday at work I overheard a colleague speaking on the phone about his recent trip to Italy: Yes, we were in Bologna. How bizarre, you know, people, when they give you change, they don’t touch you! And I knew exactly

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Back from five lovely days in Spain

What a lovely break. I approached it somewhat tentatively, because my last beach holiday was not very relaxing (big group of people, lots of partying, living mainly during the night – nothing I couldn’t do in London). But I kept

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How I’m brushing up my Spanish

I am leaving on Thursday morning for five days in Spain, and along with scouring the city to get myself a good stock of cheap SPF50 lotion, I’ve been finding three new ways to revise and improve my Spanish (last

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Running away from tomorrow’s ‘Family Day’

Tomorrow Italian catholic groups are staging a national rally against civil partnerships and in support of traditional families. That is, if you have not got a mummy and a daddy (or have more than one), or if you happen to

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Italian doctors are thorough but slow

I’ve been in Italy for the last few days to see my mother who is in hospital. It is very hard to say whether it is serious or not; she had been losing a considerable amount of blood through her

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3 things I did not know about Paris

I lived in Paris for six and a half years but had not been there for three. Here are a few things I found out during our weekend in Paris a couple of weeks ago. Despite being almost entirely underground

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Diamond VIPs in Paris

Dr B.’s Hilton points (collected throughout one and a half years of working away from London and being put up in one of the chain’s branches for three to four nights a week) were going to expire at the end

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