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My 40-pound tweet

Last week I bragged about getting a high score in my Mensa test, this week I am embarrassed to say that I just got charged 40 pounds for downloading data on my phone while abroad this weekend – not a

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Checking out iTwitter

Another week, another Twitter app graduates to the home screen on my iPhone. This week’s is iTwitter, which might have been round for a while but I only heard of it yesterday when it was incorrectly heralded as the first

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Flicking the switch

Several months ago I worked on a redesign for this site, that I never put live because although I found it aesthetically pleasing (just a few tweaks to make it clearer and more settled), something was bothering me. I have

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How to use email to send and retrieve notes to yourself

Gordon recently pointed out that I have been running the ‘7 things I did not know last week‘ weekly post since January 2007. That’s… two years! And possibly the longest I have enjoyed doing something for, which makes me wonder

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How to find what you look for in Outlook

Since moving all my personal email to Gmail a few months ago I have been spoiled with the power of Google search applied to messages. For a small price (knowing that Google bots scan every communication I send and receive)

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How I live my cloud life

Over the last few months I have transferred most of the my data and tools (email, documents and applications) online. It was not a conscious decision I took one day, in fact I remember resisting it a bit, but in

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Webapps are dropping like flies

The trouble with trying out every single new web application that becomes available (like I do) is that when the market suffers, most of them disappear. Within the space of a couple of weeks last month I received a handful

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Luca’ll fix it for you

I have been dealing with something that needs fixing at work, so imagine my disappointment when I came home yesterday to find that the RSS feed for this blog had been broken since my last WordPress update about a week

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Guardian linky love revealed by Google Webmaster Tools

I do not check how many people read this blog and where they come from. If I did, I would have noticed that over three years ago linked to my post on ‘Ooh matron’ from Sheila Pulham’s blog entry

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Plot your tweets on a timeline chart

Twitter Charts plots any Twitter user’s tweets on a chart by time of the day and day of the week. Here is the chart for my Twitter feed: If the time on the chart is right, it appears that I

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Gmail is now my only mail repository

So last night I uploaded into Gmail all the old emails I had in Outlook. It was a very easy task, as simple as dragging them from ‘Personal Folders’ to the IMAP ‘Gmail/All Mail’ folder, then doing the same from

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My iPhone makes me love my friends more

Two months on, I am still as much in love with my iPhone 3G as the very first day. Sometime I catch myself sticking my hand in my pocket just to stroke its smooth, curved edges. What I found out

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Easier blogging with Zemanta

When I write a blog post, I often spend almost as long looking for good links to complement my point. I am writing this post with the help of Zemanta, which sits on top of your blogging application and suggests

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My daily mugshot

Yesterday I told you my name. Today I thought I’d show you my face. I have been fascinated for a long time by people who take their own picture every day and then paste them all together in a video,

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Luca Belletti is bitful

When I started writing this blog it was completely anonymous. I wanted it that way, I did not necessarily enjoy it because I wanted everyone I know to read it, but I felt that it had to be that way

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My Morale-O-Meter

You know I like to log things about me, right? Then do you think I would miss the opportunity to record a daily summary of my activities and get pretty charts to boot? Of course not. So now you can

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First impressions of Google Chrome

I have been using Google Chrome (open source web browser developed by Google) for the last few hours, and my initial overall impressions are very positive. It does not appear to be significantly faster than Firefox 3 or Safari, but

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Giving MobileMe a (very quick) try

So yesterday I had enough of squinting at Windows Mobile interfaces, felt seduced by the user experience on the iPod Touch I got last February, decided it was time to treat myself (it’s been hard at work during the past

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Join me with Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is an authentication methodology to log into third-party websites with your Facebook credentials. On Monday Facebook launched The Run Around to demonstrate how it works. It is a sample site where you can log your runs and track

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WordPress for iPhone and iPod Touch

Ever since the launch of the Apple Applications store, I’ve spent most of my free time downloading stuff, playing games and showing off how cool they are to friends and colleagues. More generally, I’ve started using my iPod Touch a

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Why you should maybe wait before installing Firefox 3

In the end last night I (and probably another few hundred thousand people with me) could not get my hands on Firefox 3, so I went out. I have just downloaded it now (it would be cool to set a

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Why you should download Firefox today

Today at 10AM Pacific (=6PM London) time, Firefox 3 (with several new features and improvements) is released. If you were planning to try it out, why not download Firefox 3 today, and help set a world record for number of

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The new iPhone is not that revolutionary

I was underwhelmed by yesterday’s second generation iPhone reveal, possibly because most of the rumours (3G, GPS, lower price) were correct and there were no big surprises. However, I still think I am going to get one as soon as

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How to sync internet bookmarks across several devices

Premise 1: I do not really need to access all my internet bookmarks anywhere. Yes it is handy, but I am more interested in investigating and working towards a future where our browsing profile will follow us everywhere (if we

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Capture live data with Google Docs

Google Docs lets you link a spreadsheet to a web form. Entries via the web form (by yourself or anyone else that you have sent the link to) update the spreadsheet automatically. I use it as a food diary: I

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Free access to for bloggers

Last Friday, when I read on Techmeme that the Encyclopaedia Britannica is giving out free one-year subscriptions to publishers, including bloggers, I contacted them straight away motivating my application, and did not think much of it. Imagine my surprise when

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Testing WP Calais Auto Tagger

I have recently had a chance to look into Open Calais for work purposes. Open Calais is a Reuters-backed web service that returns semantic metadata in RDF format from text it is given. So when I heard someone had developed

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Dr B. aspetta un bambino

Dr B. aspetta un bambino Dr B. is expecting a baby Literally: ‘Dr B waits-for a child’. Dr B ordered a new computer and is this morning impatiently waiting for the stork to deliver his new baby. I expect him

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The feed is back, but only just

I still have not got a clue why my RSS feed stopped updating when I upgraded to WordPress 2.5. However, while investigating I found that the URL for the feed somehow had changed, so I added a couple of lines

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Decluttering: backup discs

I have lately adopted a very responsible attitude towards backing up the files on my main computer at home. Every Saturday an automatic backup kicks in. I configured it to be an incremental backup of all my image files (I

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