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Christmas cards: you can’t win, can you?

If you send Christmas cards, you are not green because you chop trees. If you don’t send any, you are a miser. If you send e-cards, you are lazy. If you don’t send charity cards, you don’t care at all.

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Mi vergogno di essere italiano

Mi vergogno di essere italiano I am ashamed to be Italian Literally: ‘Myself (I) shame of being Italian’. Listen to the audio file An Italian senator who announced he wanted to switch back to support the government (after his party

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They look like rechargeable AA batteries to me

We had to replace our beard trimmer because I dropped it and even after getting a replacement head it does not work properly. As in, it pulls your facial hair instead of trimming it, and often stops half-way through. I

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Instant Upgrade WordPress plugin

WordPress is great. However, upgrading to the latest version can be a bit of a struggle. There are quite a few thinks to keep track of (especially if you are a heavy customiser) and do in the right sequence. If

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‘u r dumb, I can haz Nobel’

From Doris Lessing’s Nobel prize acceptance speech: We are in a fragmenting culture, where our certainties of even a few decades ago are questioned and where it is common for young men and women who have had years of education,

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The best and the worst of the UK

There’s nothing I like on TV these days. Apart from the fantastic Flight of the Conchords, all saved up on the PVR for a rainy day marathon, all I record now is filler TV, the kind of stuff I play

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All I want is a seat with juice

I seem to be unable to travel without electronics to keep me entertained during trips. A what? A ‘book’, you say? Is it something I can download on my phone? So when I book seats I try and get one

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Block Facebook Beacon

You might be aware of Beacon, Facebook’s new advertising platform that allows Facebook’s partners to place a cookie on your machine when you shop with them, and next time you log on to Facebook you are notified that the retailer

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All carded up and nowhere to pay

When I heard Barclays was releasing a three-in-one Credit, Oyster (London transport) and OneTouch (cashless purchases under ten pounds by waving the card on a reader) OnePulse Barclaycard, I was the first in line to get it. The accompanying leaflet

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My unconscious mind is most driven by peace

I took Tickle’s Original Inkblot Test online, to check if the lovely warm results you get are there to make you want to buy the full report. Guess what? I’m a lovely, lovely person, and I can find out more

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The mobile web sucks: discuss

Five Reasons Why Web 2.0 People Need to Shut The F**k Up about the Mobile Web, in reply to Five Reasons Why The Mobile Web Sucks. I totally agree with the content (but perhaps not the tone) of the top

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When it rains, it pours

So now I’m told that my mother has been in hospital for a week. Same medical problems she had a few months ago. She is waiting to hear what they think she has this time, hopefully in a few days

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You want WHAT for a pair of glasses?

Broken glasses with sticky tape, originally uploaded by bitful. I broke my spectacles one week before going on holiday. I was due my annual checkup anyway, so I went to have my eyes tested – for free now, because my

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I am now forty and a half

This morning at 7.30 I was exactly forty and a half years old. Which means that that moment on I am closer to being forty-one than I’ll ever be to forty again. Strangely, the thought does not worry me at

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What is Twitter?

Don’t sneer – not everyone is as web-savvy as you lot. So yes, these days anyone who’s anyone in social media circles is jumping Twitter‘s ship and moving over to Pownce. It’s sort of like Twitter, but with file share

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Do you know a working stemmer?

My tags are getting a bit out of control, so I tried using Matt Biddulph’s stem identifier, but my bookmark thows a 503. I did a quick search and I could only find The Amazing Stemmer, suitably renamed

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iTunes 7.3 crashed my Outlook 2002 on Vista

So last night I upgraded iTunes to v. 7.3 (the iPhone update). Why I did that, is totally beyond me (I’m very happy with my Windows Mobile thank you very much). Anyway, I thought, new version, always good practice to

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The BBC’s ‘Also in the news…’ section

The BBC News website has recently introduced a new section entitled ‘Also in the news…‘ where odd, weird and bizarre items from across the website are displayed together. I found out the hard way, because Also in the news has

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2 pounds (refunded) to prove you are over 18

On the way home tonight (two tubes, one person under a train, a bus and a short walk) I clicked on a URL in an email on my phone to read a friend’s message on Facebook, and the T-Mobile nanny

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How expensive is your cheap food?

A few statements (I’d say facts, but I have no means to verify them) from the article Revealed: Why prices are rising faster in rip-off UK (, 30 May 2007): “British consumers are suffering the biggest increases in food prices

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I REALLY should not have watched Whistleblower on supermarkets

Ten days ago I watched the BBC’s undercover investigation on lack of basic hygiene in supermarkets. For the last ten days I have been living on hard-boiled eggs, canned tuna, rolled oats, and assorted fruit and vegetables. Anything with the

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I should not have watched Whistleblower on supermarkets

I have always enjoyed the convenience of supermarket food. However, I have lately started reading labels a bit more thoroughly than just the calories content, and I did not like what I saw. The other night I got stuck in

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Chris Garneau – Music For Tourists

After what has been known as ‘The Mika Incident’ (I wowed the album for all of three days, then grew so tired of its repetitive songs and Scissor Sisters rip-off that even a fleeting glimpse of Mr Penniman’s bouncy curls

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British Sandwich Week 2007

We are in the middle of British Sandwich Week 2007. Unfortunately, we are also in the middle of our ‘ZOMFG we only have three weeks to squeeze back into last year’s swimsuits’ week. There’s no way I’m buying a larger

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Olivia’s kitchen sink

My 2p on the Eurovision Song Contest, for decades cherished as a solitary guilty pleasure, for a bit enjoyed with like-minded lovers of all things camp, and this year forcing myself to listen to all forty-two dreary songs and watch

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Running away from tomorrow’s ‘Family Day’

Tomorrow Italian catholic groups are staging a national rally against civil partnerships and in support of traditional families. That is, if you have not got a mummy and a daddy (or have more than one), or if you happen to

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Italian doctors are thorough but slow

I’ve been in Italy for the last few days to see my mother who is in hospital. It is very hard to say whether it is serious or not; she had been losing a considerable amount of blood through her

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Define ‘artificial’

A few weeks ago I got into the habit of picking up a Del Monte ice smoothie on the way to work every morning. The perfect refreshment after a stifling tube journey. ‘Only 96 calories’, it says on the packaging,

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Not much into Nuts

I always happily give away any pretense of privacy and let people access my data for a quid or two. It is therefore hardly surprising that I always, always use my Tesco ClubCard, even when I but a stick of

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How to save your password in Outlook 2002 on Vista

I have been running Windows Vista Home Premium for a couple of months now, and the biggest annoyance is that it refuses to retain your email account password(s) if you are using Outlook 2002. Windows claims you need to enter

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