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@miketd dancing on the plinth

I had a great time, danced for a whole hour in Trafalgar Square, and briefly caught up with the lovely Mike after his stint on the plinth.

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Stuart’s mammoth roast dinner

  Sunday dinner. Could only have half, so I finished it last night. Made it last twice as long, for twice the pleasure!

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Good morning Bob

Good morning Bob, originally uploaded by bitful. Our cactus only gets watered during British Summer Time (once a week). It’s been thriving for about 5 years now, not bad for a cheap Ikea plant. So every year in the last

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Mistake = errore

Today I sent the following text message to a colleague: Got you milk. Are you meeting j and j in town too? Lxx The text was meant to be for Stuart ‘Dr Bitful’ ‘Mr Boyfriend’ of course, not for Stuart

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Christmas cards: you can’t win, can you?

If you send Christmas cards, you are not green because you chop trees. If you don’t send any, you are a miser. If you send e-cards, you are lazy. If you don’t send charity cards, you don’t care at all.

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Off to pick up my mum in a bit

I often ask my mother if she would like to come and see me in London (she lives in Italy), and she always says no. She either feels tired, or ill, or too old to travel. A couple of weeks

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My daily mugshot

Yesterday I told you my name. Today I thought I’d show you my face. I have been fascinated for a long time by people who take their own picture every day and then paste them all together in a video,

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Luca Belletti is bitful

When I started writing this blog it was completely anonymous. I wanted it that way, I did not necessarily enjoy it because I wanted everyone I know to read it, but I felt that it had to be that way

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My Morale-O-Meter

You know I like to log things about me, right? Then do you think I would miss the opportunity to record a daily summary of my activities and get pretty charts to boot? Of course not. So now you can

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Less time to waste

One of the most obvious effects of having given up caffeine completely is that, after four days of 24-hour headaches, I started to sleep. Oh yes I sleep, and how I sleep! Naps in the afternoon at the weekend, snoozes

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Day four without caffeine

If you follow my short updates on Twitter or Facebook, you will now that I have given up caffeine on Saturday, and that I’ve been crippled by headaches ever since. I knew my caffeine intake was way above sanity (about

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How to enter Middle Temple Lane in London

Last night I went out to hear a recital by a recent aquaintance from my Gay Rounders team. But after circling my destination for about one hour and failing to reach it, I went home. Those who know me at

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My first day at school

Yesterday after work I attended to the first class of a twelve-week Spanish language course. My teacher is very lovely because she brought cupcakes. She also has an open smiley face. She comes from Argentina and her accent is as

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Taking care of my health

Being born in Italy, and having lived in France for six years, I used to have an overly medicalised view of health. People in Italy go to the doctor as soon as the smallest thing appears to be ever so

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Rounders tournament in Hyde Park

I spent yesterday afternoon playing rounders in Hyde Park. A friend had organised a tournament, the turnout was staggering and our team ended up second of four. It was a gay tournament, and unsurprisingly I was able to share with

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Ho messo su quattro libbre in una settimana

Ho messo su quattro libbre in una settimana I have put on four pounds in one week Literally: ‘(I) have put on four pounds in one week’. Three and a half weeks ago I decided to stop counting calories and

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Saluti da Manchester

Saluti da Manchester Greetings from Manchester Literally: ‘Greetings from Manchester’. Well, I say Manchester but really it’s lovely suburban Altrincham, which I think I’ve just realised is in Cheshire. Walked around, looked at mansions, went to a pub, played a

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Money, passport, iPod Touch…

Whenever I travel I always make sure I have enough stuff to do late at night or very early in the morning when everybody sleeps. I usually take my laptop and get some work done. Sometimes I even read a

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International Pillow Fight Day

Massive pillow fight in Leicester Square yesterday afternoon: I had to join in, even if it means I almost dropped my camera. I also have some photos of the pillow fight on Flickr. It was very pointless, yet exhilarating, and

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Lent decluttering: 13 – weight and food tracking

Today I decided to stop logging my food intake. I have done so on and off all my life, and without interruptions since August 2005. This is a very big step for me, and there are three reasons behind it:

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Why I want to become British

People often ask me why on earth, being an European Economic Area (EEA) national living and working in the UK, I am planning to apply for UK citizenship. I usually ramble about how I plan to live in the UK

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Lent decluttering: 9 – captured leprechaun

A bit of a long story, and one where I don’t come appear to be particularly bright. Bear with me. During the Christmas break 2002, the friend I shared a flat went to see his family in Ireland and came

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Lent decluttering: 8 – picture frames

Not so easy, this one, because of the memories involved: In September 2002, when I moved into the flat I shared with a friend in Tooting Bec, a friend from NYC came to see us. He is an artist, and

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Buon San Valentino!

Buon San Valentino! Happy Valentine’s Day! Literally: ‘Good Saint Valentine!’ Listen to the audio file People with a delicate stomach or sensitive to blood sugar imbalance, please turn away now. Dr B. has been so good and generous to me

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Ho mangiato troppo a pranzo

Ho mangiato troppo a pranzo I ate too much at lunch Literally: ‘(I) have eaten too-much at lunch’. Listen to the audio file My lunch usually consists of some chicken (pre-cooked and packed from the shop, or steamed or oven-roasted

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Ho un nuovo giocattolo

Ho un nuovo giocattolo I have a new toy Literally: ‘(I) have a new toy’. Listen to the audio file Last Friday Dr B. received a substantial bonus at work and decided to change his plans and go crazy for

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Oggi è il mio quarantunesimo compleanno

Oggi è il mio quarantunesimo compleanno Today is my forty-first birthday Literally: ‘Today is the my forty-first birthday’. Listen to the audio file Oh poo, I’m forty-one today. Forty was not that much of a shock, but forty-one, man, that’s

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Lent decluttering: 4 – clothes

Last September I got rid of half of my clothes. So howcome today I managed to select another third of what was left, to be given away too? I did the same with footwear yesterday: I thought that last September

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Lent decluttering: 2 – books

This was a tough one, because I had very recently taken a lot of books to charity shops, so those that were left were probably there for a reason. The reason was that they were gifts, and even if I

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Lent decluttering: 1 – email accounts

I was thinking of giving up something for Lent but nothing came to mind. Then suddenly I saw the clutter that I let into my life and that I am not happy with. Clutter that I cannot get down to

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