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My Glastonbury 2011 playlists on YouTube and Spotify

Tracks from 10 of the girls and 10 of the boys I am most excited to see live at Glastonbury this year. Links to playlists on YouTube and Spotify: YouTube playlist: Glastonbury 2001 – The Girls YouTube playlist: Glastonbury 2001

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They did not teach me zouk in school

It was the end of summer 1991. I’d just arrived in Paris. It was my first time in France, I’d studied French for six years but had never spoken it and so I was unable to even ask for change

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@miketd dancing on the plinth

I had a great time, danced for a whole hour in Trafalgar Square, and briefly caught up with the lovely Mike after his stint on the plinth.

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Saturday morning find: Mr G – Naughty Girl

Possibly even better when viewed in the context of Mr G – The Musical (song starts at 2:28):

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Un paio di tappi per le orecchie, per favore

Un paio di tappi per le orecchie, per favore A pair of ear plugs, please Literally: ‘A pair of corks/stoppers/plugs for the ears, for favour’. There used to be a time when I was counting how many sleeps until the

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See the music I listen to

This graph shows all the music I have listened to in the past six months in a pretty visualisation. Click on the picture to view it at Flickr, then click on ‘All Sizes’ and select the original picture for maximum

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I’m on the track for a little green bag

There’s this song I’ve been humming to musically well-read (or should that be ‘well-listened’?) friends for a while now, to see if they could help me put a title and performer on it, and to tell me where I might

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Amazon’s targeted email is actually useful have just sent me this email: Dear Customer, As you’ve recently bought or browsed dance or electronica CDs, we thought we’d let you know about our new releases and bargains. Visit our music store to find out more.

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I did not think of going to Glastonbury

I have mentioned a while back that my taste in music has recently shifted towards a harder sound and darker beats. After three or four months where I trampled all over my candyfloss pop past and listened day and night

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Chris Garneau – Music For Tourists

After what has been known as ‘The Mika Incident’ (I wowed the album for all of three days, then grew so tired of its repetitive songs and Scissor Sisters rip-off that even a fleeting glimpse of Mr Penniman’s bouncy curls

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Olivia’s kitchen sink

My 2p on the Eurovision Song Contest, for decades cherished as a solitary guilty pleasure, for a bit enjoyed with like-minded lovers of all things camp, and this year forcing myself to listen to all forty-two dreary songs and watch

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Sequins and key changes and a whiff of the souk

From the ages of 7 to 17 I proudly was the one and only Italian following the Eurovision Song Contest. When I say ‘proudly’ I mean instead ‘scared gutless worrying that there must be something wrong with me. Italy stopped

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Take your guitar to the gym

The purchase of an iPod nano (three days before the announcement that the hundredth million iPod had been sold – yes, that was me) changed somehow my profile, so much so that it prompted David to exhult PopBitful is

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My new superhero power

Yesterday I wore a shirt to work. It had short sleeves, and it was unbuttoned so I would not feel constricted, and of course, the sleeves were wrinkled, the collar was curling up, and the yoke looked like an ox

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Can you headbang if you have no hair?

I used to be an average gay man, with average gay man musical tastes, i.e. I used to swear by the Madonna-Kylie-Eurovision Holy Trinity as the pinnacle of musical achievement. I mean, people, I went to three gigs during the

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Zoot Woman: success!

Week after week, my musical taste is subjected to harsh criticism by Dr B.’s delicate aural sense, and I always find it disconcerting. I played Mika. I was told to switch that annoying falsetto off. During my early and short-lived

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