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Please help me cross my legs

With my three to four gym sessions a week (weight training, abs and a little cardio work) I thought I was fit – until I went for a run with colleagues early last year and was out of breath after

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Why you should maybe wait before installing Firefox 3

In the end last night I (and probably another few hundred thousand people with me) could not get my hands on Firefox 3, so I went out. I have just downloaded it now (it would be cool to set a

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Oggi mangiamo uova e pancetta per colazione

Oggi mangiamo uova e pancetta per colazione Today we are having eggs and bacon for breakfast Literally: ‘Today (we) eat eggs and bacon for breakfast’ Listen to the audio file Do you want to get rid of that little bit

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Mi vergogno di essere italiano

Mi vergogno di essere italiano I am ashamed to be Italian Literally: ‘Myself (I) shame of being Italian’. Listen to the audio file An Italian senator who announced he wanted to switch back to support the government (after his party

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La Terremoto de Alcorcon, RVT 6 December 2007

I thought only a couple of friends knew about La Terremoto de Alcorcón and her YouTube Madonna spoof video ‘Time Goes By (Con Loli)’: Last night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern it appeared that the whole Spanish expat community knows

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‘Preserved’ as innapropriate behaviour?

A friend sent me this notice he found posted at his gym, which I don’t think it’s even one of the gayest in town. You go to a gym? Then you are expected to be supple enough to soap your

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The last issue of David Hoyle’s Magazine

I overcome (but only slightly) my laziness to paste an email Dr B. sent to his friends yesterday to comment on the last issue of David Hoyle’s Magazine that we went to see on Monday night: Well that was fun.

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David Hoyle’s ‘Magazine’

Last night we went to see David Hoyle’s ‘Magazine’ at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I’d declined an invite the previous week, and I had to see why so many people are raving about the artist formerly known as the Divine

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Soho Pride Upcoming event

Don’t you just love social networking? I was looking for Soho Pride’s rescheduled date (it was going to be tomorrow but was moved to 19 August) and found the Soho Pride Upcoming event. I clicked on ‘I’m attending’ and joined

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The Royal Vauxhall Tavern Cross for Valour

I watch less and less Big Brother with every passing year, and this being season 8, I practically tuned in on opening night and then just read Grace Dent’s TV OD at Radio Times on Mondays and Thursdays. Grace Dent

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10 days until I come out at work

I’ve been working in the same team for fifteen months now and I have not told anyone I am gay. Well, nobody asked – and I love and cherish the UK and the people who inhabit this glorious land because

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Chris Garneau – Music For Tourists

After what has been known as ‘The Mika Incident’ (I wowed the album for all of three days, then grew so tired of its repetitive songs and Scissor Sisters rip-off that even a fleeting glimpse of Mr Penniman’s bouncy curls

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Sequins and key changes and a whiff of the souk

From the ages of 7 to 17 I proudly was the one and only Italian following the Eurovision Song Contest. When I say ‘proudly’ I mean instead ‘scared gutless worrying that there must be something wrong with me. Italy stopped

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Running away from tomorrow’s ‘Family Day’

Tomorrow Italian catholic groups are staging a national rally against civil partnerships and in support of traditional families. That is, if you have not got a mummy and a daddy (or have more than one), or if you happen to

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Can you headbang if you have no hair?

I used to be an average gay man, with average gay man musical tastes, i.e. I used to swear by the Madonna-Kylie-Eurovision Holy Trinity as the pinnacle of musical achievement. I mean, people, I went to three gigs during the

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