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They look like rechargeable AA batteries to me

We had to replace our beard trimmer because I dropped it and even after getting a replacement head it does not work properly. As in, it pulls your facial hair instead of trimming it, and often stops half-way through. I

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Trying hard not to be wasteful

I am trying to save the world, but they sure do not make my life easy. The kitchen scales batteries had gone. It cost nine pounds to replace them. New scales, batteries included, cost as little as nine pound 99.

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Last night I got rid of half of my clothes

I have always preferred sparingly furnished rooms – probably a reaction to my parents’ house where whole rooms were dedicated to collect clutter. However, I am guilty of buying cheap throwaway clothes, mostly at charity shops, some at H&M. This

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How to calculate your carbon footprint

A friend of mine who works for WWF yesterday sent me a link to the WWF Footprint Calculator. Turns out I am not so kind to Old Mother Nature after all. Here’s the reply I sent my friend: Thanks for

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