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How to make your life rich rather than full

Have you been wondering if life could be easier, and if you could get rid of bad habits and develop new ones? Would you like to enhance your productivity at work? Do you want to feel better about yourself and

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How to live with occasional chaos

I have just read a brilliant post on Unclutterer that offers suggestions on Sharing space and dealing with moments of chaos. To my horror, I realised that I am guilty of every single attitude that can only make things worse

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Decluttering: backup discs

I have lately adopted a very responsible attitude towards backing up the files on my main computer at home. Every Saturday an automatic backup kicks in. I configured it to be an incremental backup of all my image files (I

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Lent decluttering: 14 – social network aggregators

During the last six months I have developed an interest in social network aggregators (solutions to bring together all activity performed on several sites online, in one single location that people can subscribe to). While performing my investigations I signed

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Lent decluttering: 13 – weight and food tracking

Today I decided to stop logging my food intake. I have done so on and off all my life, and without interruptions since August 2005. This is a very big step for me, and there are three reasons behind it:

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Lent decluttering: 12 –

Over the last six months a reminder has been going off every Saturday to prompt me to go over my account and rename similar tags to avoid duplication. Another reminder has been prompting me every month to delete tags

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Lent decluttering: 11 – toiletries accessories

You know, the kind of stuff that you keep just in case, or that you got for free: The stuff in the left half of the picture can go. Stuff in the middle can go in my opinion, but it’s

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Lent decluttering: 10 – mobile phones

At the top in the photo below, the four mobile phones I have donated to Oxfam today. Dr B. wanted me to sell them on eBay, but I did not think it was worth the hassle. Besides, they can help

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Lent decluttering: 9 – captured leprechaun

A bit of a long story, and one where I don’t come appear to be particularly bright. Bear with me. During the Christmas break 2002, the friend I shared a flat went to see his family in Ireland and came

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Lent decluttering: 8 – picture frames

Not so easy, this one, because of the memories involved: In September 2002, when I moved into the flat I shared with a friend in Tooting Bec, a friend from NYC came to see us. He is an artist, and

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Lent decluttering: 7 – eyecare

This was an easy one. On the left in the photo below: Contact lens solution travel size bottle that has been opened since September 2007? Gone. Several spare contact lens cases that come with every new bottle of solution? Gone.

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Lent decluttering: 6 – stationery

I just keep a black pen, some sticky notes and a ream of printer paper next to my desk, and that’s all I need for day-to-day needs. However, we have a briefcase full of paper, envelopes, staplers, glue… and a

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Lent decluttering: 5 – club wristbands

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern will always a special place in my heart. It is probably the single venue I have visited most often since I moved to London in 2002, a place where I made new friends and met Dr

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Lent decluttering: 4 – clothes

Last September I got rid of half of my clothes. So howcome today I managed to select another third of what was left, to be given away too? I did the same with footwear yesterday: I thought that last September

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Lent decluttering: 3 – shoes

This was an easy one. I’m keeping more recent, less tatty shoes (that fit) and getting rid of older stuff. Fron 21 pairs to 12. And they all fit in my three shoes drawers. All the footwear I own Click

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Lent decluttering: 2 – books

This was a tough one, because I had very recently taken a lot of books to charity shops, so those that were left were probably there for a reason. The reason was that they were gifts, and even if I

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Lent decluttering: 1 – email accounts

I was thinking of giving up something for Lent but nothing came to mind. Then suddenly I saw the clutter that I let into my life and that I am not happy with. Clutter that I cannot get down to

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