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Great Britain is greater

2884652691_580ccf0586_o, originally uploaded by jabromz. I never thought to compare the back of a ten dollar vs a ten pound note. We are greater indeed.

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No more ‘heavy legs’ for the French

As you may remember, I was born and raised in Italy, went to school and graduated in the UK, worked in France for seven years, then Italy for another three and since 2002 I have been back in the UK.

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How to enter Middle Temple Lane in London

Last night I went out to hear a recital by a recent aquaintance from my Gay Rounders team. But after circling my destination for about one hour and failing to reach it, I went home. Those who know me at

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Free access to for bloggers

Last Friday, when I read on Techmeme that the Encyclopaedia Britannica is giving out free one-year subscriptions to publishers, including bloggers, I contacted them straight away motivating my application, and did not think much of it. Imagine my surprise when

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Why I want to become British

People often ask me why on earth, being an European Economic Area (EEA) national living and working in the UK, I am planning to apply for UK citizenship. I usually ramble about how I plan to live in the UK

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The British will not bother you

Every now and then life’s great tapestry reminds me of the reason why I left Italy and settled in the UK. My eyes reacted badly to a new pair of contact lenses the other day, so I wore my glasses

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Big Ben silenced for a month

Starting this morning at 8am, Big Ben is not going to chime for a few weeks while maintenance work is carried out. I am told that at night we can sometimes hear the bongs from our flat. But at night

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When Harry met Harry

This morning Dr B. bought the adult edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And I have just come back from Tesco across the road with the children’s edition – so we don’t mix them up, I claimed, but

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Sunday lunch: bangers and mash with red wine gravy

British cuisine is quite special. Often, the name of the dish is the recipe itself. Cheese and beans on toast. Scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Ok, I’ll grant you these are not the most elaborate of recipes, but

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The only time Italians will not invade your personal space

Yesterday at work I overheard a colleague speaking on the phone about his recent trip to Italy: Yes, we were in Bologna. How bizarre, you know, people, when they give you change, they don’t touch you! And I knew exactly

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Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor

Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor is a new comedy show on BBC Three. Very funny – and at last a sketch show that does not rely almost exclusively on catchphrases (remember Little Miss Jocelyn? ‘It’s going to take a looong

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Sunday lunch: Dalek cake

Three days ago (April 5th) was Dr B.’s birthday and I made him a cake in the shape of a Dalek. By coincidence a few days earlier I had come across a BBC Blue Peter Dalek cake recipe that was

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You say improvement, I read closures

Every Wednesday, Transport for London emails me information on tube closures for work over the weekend. I am not complaining, I have signed up for it – although I would have rather subscribed to an RSS feed which unfortunately, last

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Google stereotypes

I have had a bit of fun asking Google, our modern oracle, to spit out the general consensus on four nationalities I know well. Here is what I found in the first page of results: “Icelanders are known for“: their

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