Things I would like

If you would like to purchase gifts for me you may use my Amazon wishlist.

I also signed up for a wishlist and imported my Amazon wishlist there.

The advantage of having a list held at is that you can add items from any ecommerce website, tag them with keywords, add friends to your profile, make lists of things you have, see who else wants the same things, and add and tag items easily and quickly by using a Firefox plug-in.

I will see if with time I find that all these features give some added value or are largely unneeded gimmicks.

Update: Thursday 14 December 2006

I have given up maintaining the list at, for a number of reasons:

  1. in most cases, images had to be manually imported;
  2. same thing with prices, which means when prices change the list is not updated;
  3. there were only two items that Amazon does not sell, and I do not want those items that badly

Too bad, because I liked the concept of adding tags, and also (but only if there is a large number of adopters) that you can see who else wants/has the same items.