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  1. Lala Isla says:

    I have read somewhere that my book “Londres, pastel sin receta” is included in a list of cookery books. Well, it isn´t about food although the Spanish title mentions a cake without recipe. It is a comparison between Spain and Britain from the point of view of a Spanish woman -me-.
    The line that joins the chapters is my life since I came to London in 1976. I write about the concept of family in both cultures, marriage, having a son, buying a house, education…
    It is a very personal view with a lot of sense of humor. It has cultural, social and anthropological issues.
    The second, in the trilogy, to be published in 2007 is “Londres, arcoiris in gris”. I talk about the weather in Britain, the concept of holidays, food, death and racism in both cultures. This time the line which joins the chapters is my parents´ life in the towns where they were born -Astorga y La Bañeza (North West Spain)- although I also write about my myself. The third is to be finish in 2007.