About Bitful

What is Bitful?

Bitful is a weblog. It sometimes strays into personal journal territory but often depicts the trashiest details of junk-pop media culture – and the odd night out on the razz.

Does ‘bitful’ mean anything?

You will not find the word in any dictionary. I made it up when I decided to take the plunge and get a domain name to go with the budding weblog formerly known as ‘Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ (yeah, I know – what was I thinking?).

I wished to keep the name short and I also wanted it to be a unique made-up word that did not appear anywhere else. Bitful sounded good to me, plus it conjured up ideas of bits (as in ‘the smallest unit of computer data, 8 bits to a byte’), as well as sounding like ‘beautiful’. With hindsight, I have come to realise that it only evoked the above in me, but in the meantime the name had stuck.

Given the irregular frequency of updates, I suppose ‘fitful’ would be a more appropriate denomination.

Why can’t I comment on a post you wrote last month?

Because comments automatically close on posts that are older than 30 days or that had no activity (updates or other comments) during the last seven days. I introduced it as a measure against comment spam a while ago, and it worked.

Thinking that spammers privileged spamming trackbacks these days, I lifted the ban, only to realise that in the three hours following the reopening I had already received sixty-odd spam comments. I reintroduced the closing rule straight away.

I want to ping you. Why have your posts got no trackback?

In the two years or so when trackback was active, only three posts were genuinely pinged. 3. Three. Only once each.

In those two years, I also spent an obscene amount of time every week deleting hundreds of trackback spam pings from the database. On the plus side, this has made me to learn how to make useful MySQL queries interact with PHP to speed up the deleting process, but it’s no fun any more. Use Technorati. Leave a comment with your URL referencing my post. Or Drop me a line asking me to mention it. Trackback is dead.