Month: March 2011

Recipe: quick egg and beans breakfast on the go

Ingredients 125g egg whites 1 whole egg half a tin red beans Instructions grease a microwaveable bowl with a teaspoon of olive oil whisk eggs in bowl stir beans in cover loosely with a plate microwave for three minutes (or

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They did not teach me zouk in school

It was the end of summer 1991. I’d just arrived in Paris. It was my first time in France, I’d studied French for six years but had never spoken it and so I was unable to even ask for change

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My 40-pound tweet

Last week I bragged about getting a high score in my Mensa test, this week I am embarrassed to say that I just got charged 40 pounds for downloading data on my phone while abroad this weekend – not a

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One point short of Mensa

I recently failed a test to get in the high IQ club Mensa. You need a score in the top 2% to get in, and the tests were so fast that I did not have enough time to answer all

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Ten years today since my first blog post

On 10 March 2001 I published my first blog post. I had had a personal website since 1999, but from that day ten years ago putting some of my life online became part of my daily routine. Over the years,

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