A very much planned headache

Today my head is thumping, it was planned, and it has nothing to do with yesterday being Christmas (I only had a chocolate slip-up after opening presents, then had a reasonably moderate Christmas dinner, then stopped eating for the day. The headache? Caffeine withdrawal.

I had given up caffeine before, it was tough for the first few days, then it was OK, and then after a very long time my sleep improved. Last March I started drinking coffee again and it did not take long to go back to too much: lots of coffee in the morning, coke zero and diet cherry coke in the afternoon, and caffeine-free diet coke in the evenings.

So I planned to give up around Christmas, away from home and from work. So far I have only had one cup of tea in the morning yesterday and one for breakfast today, then stuck to water. I’m trying to stay away from painkillers but may have to give in if it does not stop soon.

My objective: stop caffeine altogether (I’m not one for half measures) so that I get to sleep better (the chronic terminal insomnia I used to suffer from has come back) and also to get the occasional buzz from a diet coke when going out. Rock. And Roll.

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