7 things I did not know before taking a curry making lesson

A few weeks ago we were invited by two friends to a curry making lesson at Recipease. It was a present for Stuart’s 40th birthday and our friends were kind enough to extend the experience to me.

It’s a Jamie Oliver-branded thing (apparently the recipes are approved by Jamie’s team, i.e. he has little to do with it personally) but thankfully at no point was there any product placement or pressure to purchase anything.

I had fun, made a killer Thai green curry and learnt the following in the process:

  1. if you wash your hands with cold water first, you can get rid of onion/garlic smells
  2. a teaspoon is the perfect tool to scoop seeds out of chili peppers
  3. a teaspoon is the perfect tool to scrape the skin off ginger without also removing the juiciest part which is just underneath the skin
  4. lemongrass grows very easily anywhere, you just need to plant a stalk – do it in a vase and not in your garden because it grows like a weed and takes over
  5. a wet kitchen towel under a chopping board stops it from slipping
  6. the easiest way to remove the stem from kaffir lime leaves is by folding them shiny side in and then peeling the stem off
  7. using a mortar and pestle is a great way to pound away stress – my curry paste was so well ground that it looked like guacamole!
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