7 things I did not know before watching Life

Last night I watched the first two episodes of the BBC seriesĀ Life and learnt that:

  1. Cheetas are mush smaller than ostriches.
  2. Some fish can fly – well, glide actually but it's impressive nonetheless.
  3. The sensors on a Venus fly trap must be touched twice within twenty seconds for the blades to shut.
  4. The Brazilian pygmy gecko is unsyncable.
  5. Komodo dragons can kill a much larger water buffalo with a single poisonous bite – and then wait for up to several weeks next to the buffalo waiting for it to die so that they can feast on it.
  6. Brown basilisk lizards can walk on water and are therefore nicknamed 'Jesus' or 'Jesus Christ' lizards.
  7. Dolphins are even more intelligent than I thought they were. A small group of dolphins in Florida make a circle of murky water by swimming rapidly, and then wait outside the circle to catch panicked fish jumping out straight into their open mouths.
Life is a beautiful series and totally worth the licence fee. You can still catch it on iPlayer (UK only I think, and until the 21st of December). Watch it in HD on a big screen if you can, it's stunning!

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