7 things I did not know last week

  1. In 1994 the Estonian Royalist Party offered Prince Edward the (non-existent) position of King of Estonia.
  2. Actor Stephen Moyer (vampire Bill Compton in True Blood) is British. Essex boy, actually (not that you'd guess it from his Southern US drawl in the series). Oh, and he turns forty tomorrow.
  3. Caffeine is a bug killer.
  4. David Bowie's Loving the Alien is a 'vivid depiction of Bowie's famous dislike for organized religion'. Pretty obvious from the lyrics I guess, but I think the last time I listened to it I did not speak English.
  5. You cannot create a Gmail label named 'todo' – possibly because it's a reserved internal name.
  6. Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) has been diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. Hear him talk about it at BBC Chartblog.
  7. More than half of all Argentines are descended from Italian immigrants.
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