1. You can use an electric toothbrush to pollinate tomatoes.
  2. Red Bull is produced and sold by an Austrian company, and it is based on a Thai energy drink.
  3. You cannot delete more than 4000 messages in Microsoft Outlook 2003 in a single operation.
  4. The skin growths that appeared on poisoned Ukranian president Yushchenko helped save his life by isolating the dioxin away from his internal organs.
  5. In Gmail, z undoes anything (even sending a message if you are quick) when keyboard shortcuts are enabled.
  6. Fasting for 16 hours before your breakfast in a new time zone can override the body's sleep clock. This can also work with other irregular sleep patterns.
  7. Left-hand traffic and left-hand drive are not the same thing. The former is when cars occupy the left side of the road, the latter means that the driver sits on the left in a vehicle. So vehicles in countries with right-hand traffic have left-hand drive, and viceversa.