Diet like it’s 1999

So the doctor said that the weight I have put on was likely to be caused from my lazy thyroid. Not at all then from my recent habit of celebrating the end of every work day with the modern equivalent of a Medieval banquet.

Thyroid medication should make my body burn down fat normally again but, just in case, I thought it would also be good to reduce my calories intake so on Saturday I dug out an old diet that my GP gave me ten years ago. It worked very well at the time, it’s very simple, flexible and easy to follow, it’s balanced and gives good results. No fads, just sensible. Wish me luck. No, wish me willpower. This grease-stained piece of paper will be my nutritional bible for the next six weeks:

The diet I followed in 1999

Needless to say, the night before starting the diet I celebrated the end of my all-you-can-eat evenings with pizza, cheesecake and 30 Rock Season 2:

Last pizza and cheesecake for a while

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