Flicking the switch

Several months ago I worked on a redesign for this site, that I never put live because although I found it aesthetically pleasing (just a few tweaks to make it clearer and more settled), something was bothering me.

I have known for a long time that I (and most people I know) now blog in a different way from when I started in 2001. I don’t need a blog to share links to cool stuff I found, post my photos or write a quick update on what I am doing, because this is now taken care of by (among others) Delicious, Flickr and Twitter.

You can of course subscribe to my Delicious bookmarks, add me as a contact on Flickr and follow me on Twitter. Or, if you like coming to this site, you can from now on dip into my activities by looking my Friendfeed activity in the sidebar.

I have also decided to switch to an automatic blogroll that displays all the websites I have tagged with ‘blogroll’ in Google Reader. These are my ‘must reads’ that I always find some time for.

I have removed the list of category and monthly archives from the homepage, and moved them to a dedicated ‘Archives’ page that you can access from any page on this site, and where you will find all the entries by date and by category, as well as a list of the most commented posts.

Similarly, I have moved some of the content in an enhanced ‘About’ section, and collected the feeds that you can subscribe to in their own page. Did you know that as well as subscribing to the main entries and the comments feed, you can also access my Google Reader shared items (mostly design ideas and gadgets) and all the entries from the sites in my blogroll? Have a look at the feeds page to find out more.

All the content is still here and there are ways to find it even if it is not linked to from every page. If you are a regular user of this site I’d be very happy if you could leave a comment here to let me know what you think.

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