So Oprah has stacked on the pounds again.

I have now following her yo-yo dieting for twenty-five years now, looked into every one of her new amazing weight loss regimes, and every single time I saw right through her achievements and found a woman with eating issues.

I have always been very interested in the image and idea of food that each individual has, be it because of family influence, body image unattainable goals presented by the media, or mind tricks that sometimes are not related with food at all but manifest themselves with eating disorders.

See, if even the most powerful woman in the world (according to many) struggles to keep her weight constant day in, day out, it must mean that weight management is a huge issue that is often underestimated and needs more attention.

Sometimes I am horrified at falling right into the trap the media are trying to set up and believing that overweight people simply eat too much and don’t exercise. Yes, that is the reason one puts on weight, but you can’t just tell people they are fat lazy pigs. What needs to be tackled is the reasons behind these behaviours, and we are not there yet.