Month: August 2008

Sunday lunch: tapas

A few weeks ago we invited over some friends we went to Sitges with three years in a row, and we cooked a selection of tapas. The dinner proved to be a success, firstly because of the lovely ladies and

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7 things I did not know last week

You can use the Firefox 3 toolbar search as a calculator: type your formula and the tooltip displays the result, no need to leave the page you are on. It works if the selected engine is, not if it

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We now have a cleaner

It took Dr B. two and a half years to convince me to get a cleaner. Two and a half very long years during which I insisted that: the flat is small, there’s two of us, it should not be

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Please help me cross my legs

With my three to four gym sessions a week (weight training, abs and a little cardio work) I thought I was fit – until I went for a run with colleagues early last year and was out of breath after

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Giving MobileMe a (very quick) try

So yesterday I had enough of squinting at Windows Mobile interfaces, felt seduced by the user experience on the iPod Touch I got last February, decided it was time to treat myself (it’s been hard at work during the past

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7 things I did not know last week

Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy was the original lyricist and singer with Duran Duran. He left the band the year before they signed with EMI. Caffeine relaxes the internal anal sphincter muscles. Safari now has a ‘Develop’ menu. Among other things,

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How to save 140 pounds in 7 weeks

If you are a heavy coffee drinker as I was, just give up coffee like I did seven weeks ago (I used to spend about two pounds a day on it) and you’ve got one hundred unspent pounds there looking

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Join me with Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is an authentication methodology to log into third-party websites with your Facebook credentials. On Monday Facebook launched The Run Around to demonstrate how it works. It is a sample site where you can log your runs and track

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