Yesterday after work I attended to the first class of a twelve-week Spanish language course.

My teacher is very lovely because she brought cupcakes. She also has an open smiley face. She comes from Argentina and her accent is as sweet as dulce de leche. Not as lovely as the Castilian Spanish I love so much, but I like it too.

My classmates are nice. Many of them have taken classes in the previous levels with the same teacher and they know each other already, but they are very friendly with all of us newcomers.

The level of the class is perfect for me. My vocabulary and pronunciation are good, but I am very bad at grammar and verb tenses, and this is exactly what we are going to do during the next two weeks.

Our teacher asked us to introduce ourselves and asked each of us where we learnt Spanish. I said I learnt by reading Harry Potter books in Spanish and that I could therefore talk at length about witches, spells and broomsticks. My classmates giggled. I hope they like me.