Month: April 2008

My week on the web

Here are the websites I bookmarked into my account over the past seven days: Rate Your Music ‘international metadata database where musical albums, EPs, singles, videos and bootlegs (collectively referred to as "releases") are added, rated, and reviewed by

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Capture live data with Google Docs

Google Docs lets you link a spreadsheet to a web form. Entries via the web form (by yourself or anyone else that you have sent the link to) update the spreadsheet automatically. I use it as a food diary: I

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7 things I did not know last week

If you let iTunes manage your music library, adding ‘Disc Number’ information will add the disc number at the beginning of the file names, so that they can be ordered sequentially by disc in the directory. The Hawaiian alphabet only

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Un paio di tappi per le orecchie, per favore

Un paio di tappi per le orecchie, per favore A pair of ear plugs, please Literally: ‘A pair of corks/stoppers/plugs for the ears, for favour’. There used to be a time when I was counting how many sleeps until the

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Oggi vado al lavoro a piedi

Oggi vado al lavoro a piedi Today I am walking to work Literally: ‘Today (I) go to work at feet’. Today is Walk To Work Day. Yesterday I pledged to walk at least thirty minutes to work, but then I

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The Lord of the Rings at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane

I never did write about going to see Lord Of The Rings: The Musical, did I? I took Dr B. to see it as a birthday treat (I always take him to the theatre on his birthday), as he is

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My week on the web

Here are the websites I bookmarked into my account over the past seven days: Restore shell folder icons – Neowin Forums How to restore shell folder icons in Vista. Including content of the various desktop.ini files needed for each

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Ho dormito sul divano

Ho dormito sul divano I have slept on the sofa Literally: ‘(I) have slept on-the sofa’. On average two nights a week I sleep on a sofa that is two feet shorter than I am, lulled by the sound of

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Free access to for bloggers

Last Friday, when I read on Techmeme that the Encyclopaedia Britannica is giving out free one-year subscriptions to publishers, including bloggers, I contacted them straight away motivating my application, and did not think much of it. Imagine my surprise when

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Testing WP Calais Auto Tagger

I have recently had a chance to look into Open Calais for work purposes. Open Calais is a Reuters-backed web service that returns semantic metadata in RDF format from text it is given. So when I heard someone had developed

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Dr B. aspetta un bambino

Dr B. aspetta un bambino Dr B. is expecting a baby Literally: ‘Dr B waits-for a child’. Dr B ordered a new computer and is this morning impatiently waiting for the stork to deliver his new baby. I expect him

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The feed is back, but only just

I still have not got a clue why my RSS feed stopped updating when I upgraded to WordPress 2.5. However, while investigating I found that the URL for the feed somehow had changed, so I added a couple of lines

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10 reasons why Ocado rocks

I recently saw an ad somewhere that said: “Tesco prices. Waitrose quality. Ocado delivery.” After staying last weekend in Manchester with friends who spend a little more than I do on food – and tasting the difference it makes, I

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Decluttering: backup discs

I have lately adopted a very responsible attitude towards backing up the files on my main computer at home. Every Saturday an automatic backup kicks in. I configured it to be an incremental backup of all my image files (I

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Ognuno ha quello che si merita

Ognuno ha quello che si merita You get what you deserve Literally: ‘Everyone has what that for-oneself deserves’. Normally I react to Berlusconi winning general elections with sadness and indignation. Last night, as I learnt that millions of Italians had

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Ho messo su quattro libbre in una settimana

Ho messo su quattro libbre in una settimana I have put on four pounds in one week Literally: ‘(I) have put on four pounds in one week’. Three and a half weeks ago I decided to stop counting calories and

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My week on the web

Here are the websites I bookmarked into my account over the past seven days: MySong: Automatic Accompaniment for Vocal Melodies Microsoft project application that automatically chooses chords to accompany a vocal melody, allowing a user with no musical training

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Fai la cosa giusta

Fai la cosa giusta Do the right thing Literally: ‘Do the thing right’. Today Italians are voting to elect a new government for the 62nd time in 63 years. Make up your mind, dudes! I sent my vote to the

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Saluti da Manchester

Saluti da Manchester Greetings from Manchester Literally: ‘Greetings from Manchester’. Well, I say Manchester but really it’s lovely suburban Altrincham, which I think I’ve just realised is in Cheshire. Walked around, looked at mansions, went to a pub, played a

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Money, passport, iPod Touch…

Whenever I travel I always make sure I have enough stuff to do late at night or very early in the morning when everybody sleeps. I usually take my laptop and get some work done. Sometimes I even read a

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Non riesco a dormire

Non riesco a dormire I can’t sleep Literally: ‘Not (I) succeed at to-sleep’. Don’t know why, really. I’m pretty sure that watching the season finale of Torchwood S02 is not going to help, but I can’t wait another day to

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Ho rotto il sito

Ho rotto il sito I have broken the website Literally: (I) have broken the site Since I upgraded to WordPress 2.5, new posts do not appear in the RSS feed. True, there have been only three posts, of which two

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This is a test post…

…because a kind soul has alerted me that this here RSS feed thingy has given up its soul.

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My week on the web

Here are the websites I bookmarked into my account over the past seven days: HOWTO: iPhone Webclip Icons Webclip Icons are the new favicons Gmail Shortcuts (printable cheatsheet) From c to /, all Gmail shortcuts on a handy printable

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