We had to replace our beard trimmer because I dropped it and even after getting a replacement head it does not work properly. As in, it pulls your facial hair instead of trimming it, and often stops half-way through.

I did a little research online and it turns out that the one we have (a Philips QT4045 Turbo Vac Beard Trimmer) was not awarded particularly enthusiastic reviews because the rechargeable battery cannot be replaced, and it does not last forever.

So last night, after coming back with a new trimmer (the same again, there was not much choice in the shop), Dr B. took the old one apart and look what he found inside:

They look like AA rechargeable batteries to me

They look like two ordinary rechargeable AA batteries to me. But if they were replaceable the company would be out of business. Instead we are dumping another bit of plastic and metal and nickel-cadmium somewhere we’d rather not think about.

Civilisation as we know it is going to disappear under a mountain of discarded appliances.