A week ago I installed Jiglu (automatic website tagging) and wrote about it.

It has been fantastic to see how thorough can a free auto-tagging plugin prove to be, and I am definitely interested in the functionality that highlights words on a page and overlays upon request a list of other instances of those words throughout the site, with excerpts and links to individual posts.

I have however decided to deactivate Jiglu, mainly for the following two reasons:

  1. I find that it slows down considerably the time pages are served, and
  2. I wish there was a quick and easy way to monitor and control the words that are linked together when indexed.

I was very impressed by the fact that Jiglu can go as far as grouping terms into categories – and mildly amused that it thought ‘Mia Cintura Nera‘ was a person (it means ‘My Black Belt’ in Italian).

Making sense of the ocean of data that pervades our lives will require more and more sophisticated algorithms, but for the time being some degree of manual human moderation is still necessary.