Just back from seeing the Cirque du Soleil‘s Varekai at the Royal Albert Hall. And I feel really rotten.

I did enjoy the show, a lot actually. Their mix of acrobatics, dance and storytelling is perfectly captivating.

And yet, and yet… I had so many expectations (I’d never seen one of their shows), so many people had spoken wonders of them, that I was just a little bit underwhelmed. And I know I shouldn’t.

Two of the friends we went to see it with had seen some of the Cirque’s previous shows, and felt the same way as I did.

How can you be disappointed when there are three dozen artists pouring their heart out to you during two hours and risking their health doing dangerous stunts for your amusement?

So yes, I did feel a bit bad, and made sure I clapped much louder than I felt like, to show my appreciation. The day I perform triple somersault and land on a handstand on somebody’s shoulders, that’s when I’ll feel that I can be disappointed.

I mean, I can hardly touch my toes.