7 things I did not know last week

  1. Raw/dry denim should not be washed often. If it smells, stick it in the freezer to kill bacteria.
  2. Uffie (one of the many reasons I am kindly requested to listen to my music with headphones at home) provides the vocals for Justice’s The Party.
  3. Mayonnaise does not come from Mayonne (France) but from Mahón (Minorca, Spain).
  4. See Wednesday’s update for item #4 in the list.
  5. A mnemonic aid to remember the names of the various champagne bottle sizes is ‘My Judy Really Makes Splendid Belching Noises’.
  6. Exchanging pecks when going through a kissing gate is a British custom. I thought the people I was walking with were just being extremely friendly.
  7. Cronenberg’s 1996 movie Crash cannot be shown within the City of Westminster (London).
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