If my iPod had GPS, it would adjust its volume and music genre according to where I am, the time of day and some manual settings.

It would detect one of my gym locations and switch to my sports playlists provided it was 7am or 1pm.

It would increase its volume if it lost reception, 9 times out of 10 it’s in the tube and it’s noisier.

It would switch to work-friendly music and low volume if I turned it on at my work location.

And once at home, RFID would detect if Dr B.’s iPod (both appliances would be tagged) was in the vicinity, in which case it would only play music both Dr B. and I like.

It would also create playlists on the fly mixing both my and Dr B.’s tracks and streaming them via Wi-Fi.

Then, if either desktop computer was on, it would detect it from the wireless network and stream music from them too.

And I could go on and on…

We have all the technology. We spend an unhealthy amount of time tagging and organising. It’s about time it all came together.