British cuisine is quite special. Often, the name of the dish is the recipe itself. Cheese and beans on toast. Scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Ok, I’ll grant you these are not the most elaborate of recipes, but that’s exactly why I’m so keen on them.

Today (or rather, on Thursday night, one of the rare occasions when Dr B. cooks splendidly for me): bangers and mash with red wine gravy.


  • sausages (our favourites are Tesco Finest Pork & Fresh Bramley Apple Sausages)
  • potatoes
  • butter, 1 large knob per person
  • red wine
  • Bisto gravy granules, beef flavour


  1. put the sausages under a hot grill, turn from time to time until evenly cooked;
  2. boil the potatoes;
  3. whisk the potatoes, add the butter, season to taste;
  4. make gravy according to instructions on packet, replacing half the water with red wine;
  5. serve sausages on potato mash, cover with gravy.

Bangers and mash with red wine gravy, originally uploaded by bitful.