Month: June 2007

iTunes 7.3 crashed my Outlook 2002 on Vista

So last night I upgraded iTunes to v. 7.3 (the iPhone update). Why I did that, is totally beyond me (I’m very happy with my Windows Mobile thank you very much). Anyway, I thought, new version, always good practice to

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Characterized by gusts of wind. Informal. Marked by commotion or disturbance.

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The only time Italians will not invade your personal space

Yesterday at work I overheard a colleague speaking on the phone about his recent trip to Italy: Yes, we were in Bologna. How bizarre, you know, people, when they give you change, they don’t touch you! And I knew exactly

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A woman member of the orgiastic cult of Dionysus. A frenzied woman.

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Amazon’s targeted email is actually useful have just sent me this email: Dear Customer, As you’ve recently bought or browsed dance or electronica CDs, we thought we’d let you know about our new releases and bargains. Visit our music store to find out more.

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A cloth wound around the head, framing the face (nuns). A fold or pleat in cloth. A ripple, as on the surface of water. A curve or bend.

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I did not think of going to Glastonbury

I have mentioned a while back that my taste in music has recently shifted towards a harder sound and darker beats. After three or four months where I trampled all over my candyfloss pop past and listened day and night

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In a call center, the practice of letting agents view the incoming call queue and choose their next call based on personal preferences.

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A person who is not very bright.

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The BBC’s ‘Also in the news…’ section

The BBC News website has recently introduced a new section entitled ‘Also in the news…‘ where odd, weird and bizarre items from across the website are displayed together. I found out the hard way, because Also in the news has

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In or into a high place; high or higher up.

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(Spam PING) A ping from a spam blog (splog) to a Web site indicating that there has been an update. However, since the ping is coming from a spam blog, the ping is phony.

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7 things I did not know last week

If you want to set WordPress to display all posts for a given archive, you can type -1 in the options field instead of the maximum allowed figure. I found this in the instuctions for the excellent Custom Query String

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(SPam bLOG) A blog site set up for the sole purpose of increasing page ranking in Google.

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Last night I told my mother that I loved her

No biggie, I hear you say. Oh yes biggie, big biggie instead. It was perhaps the first time as far as memory goes, and if you think we’ve known each other for a little over forty hears now, it’s a

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Dr B.’s brother has stopped smoking

I have been exchanging emails with Dr B.’s brother, who is into his third month since stopping smoking, and only a few weeks since giving up nicotine patches. He has been having dreams about smoking and I told him I

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A short close-fitting coat; a coat with short flaps.

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To separate or detach.

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2 pounds (refunded) to prove you are over 18

On the way home tonight (two tubes, one person under a train, a bus and a short walk) I clicked on a URL in an email on my phone to read a friend’s message on Facebook, and the T-Mobile nanny

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A word used by the schoolteacher in an episode of The Simpsons, in which she defended one made-up word by making up another: “It’s a perfectly cromulent word.”

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Monotasking will be all the rage

I recently read somewhere that in 10 years time multitasking will not be considered a quality any longer. Over the weekend, I saw all the people (including myself) at Hack Day listening to presentation, developing their own hacks at the

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Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor

Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor is a new comedy show on BBC Three. Very funny – and at last a sketch show that does not rely almost exclusively on catchphrases (remember Little Miss Jocelyn? ‘It’s going to take a looong

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A hole that is drilled into the earth, as in exploratory well drilling or in building construction.

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Hack Day London 2007

Head’s a bit fried from all I saw. Limbs ever so slighly numb from the walking about helping out. More info as I get a couple of brain cells to interact. Just a few links for now – got to

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Fully informed; conscious. Aware.

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Dude, here’s your (old) design

Going a bit mad, removing all colours and images and fancy things from So here are the former bells and whistles recorded for posterity. Just in case they are missed.

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Dude, where’s my design?

You know those times when you look around you, and there’s stuff everywhere (mostly tat), and you go Right, where’s the bin? You know those times when you take one last look at yourself before going out, and you realise

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To climb (a rope or pole, for example) by gripping and pulling alternately with the hands and legs. To move quickly on foot.

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WordPress search widget inline button fix

The default WordPress search widget used with the default WordPress Kubrick theme displays the Search button on a new line. I don’t like that. I spent a fair amount of time looking for a fix, then looked into it myself

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7 things I did not know last week

It is getting harder and harder to transfer your credit card balance from bank to bank to take advantage of their interest-free joining periods. First, transfer fees were introduced. Now Lloyds applies a Minimum spend of £100 in the first

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