How to save your password in Outlook 2002 on Vista

I have been running Windows Vista Home Premium for a couple of months now, and the biggest annoyance is that it refuses to retain your email account password(s) if you are using Outlook 2002.

Windows claims you need to enter your email account passwords every time because of security reasons. I say they do it to make you upgrade to Outlook 2007. Fair enough. These are people who do business.

However, this snag annoyed me so much that, short of keeping my machine on 24/7 so that I would not have to ever restart Outlook, I downloaded AutoHotkey and followed the instructions to create an exe file that starts Outlook and insert the password(s) for you.

The software encripts the passwords and the text file where you enter them in the first place must be destroyed.

So there you go, once again a feature in Vista that was designed for enhanced protection has triggered a potentially unsafe behaviour. Well done guys – I am this much closer to switching to Thunderbird now!

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