Month: April 2007


To throw into a state of confusion.

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To pass off as genuine, valuable, or worthy. To impose (something or someone unwanted) upon another by coercion or trickery. To insert fraudulently or deceitfully.

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To whine; whimper.

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Composed chiefly of rock fragments of volcanic origin.

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Off to Paris with the in-laws

Dr B.’s parents are coming down from Staffordshire tonight, then tomorrow morning the four of us are hopping onto the Eurostar and spending the next forty-eight hours in Paris. He has organised this as a present for his dad’s birthday,

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A beam, as of steel, wood, or reinforced concrete, used as a main horizontal support in a building or bridge.

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Define ‘artificial’

A few weeks ago I got into the habit of picking up a Del Monte ice smoothie on the way to work every morning. The perfect refreshment after a stifling tube journey. ‘Only 96 calories’, it says on the packaging,

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To howl, wail, or lament loudly.

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(Chiefly British) Odd; strange. Presenting danger or difficulty.

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A few words about my pictures

Recent comments on my pictures on Flicker left by Chig have made me realise that things are not always the way they look. First of all, I so wish my phone (an HTC Hurricane, which is usually a particularly smart

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round robin

(Sports) A tournament in which each contestant is matched in turn against every other contestant. A petition or protest on which the signatures are arranged in a circle in order to conceal the order of signing. A letter sent among

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Sunday lunch: Pulla (Finnish sweet bread)

I have absolutely no idea how I came up with the idea of making a Finnish sweet bread for a picnic with friends on Hampstead Heath. I seem to remember waking up at stupid o’clock, wanting to impress people with

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A broad flexible part, such as a flipper. A young woman, especially one in the 1920s who showed disdain for conventional dress and behavior.

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7 things I did not know last week

You can resize your insanely ginormous desktop icons in Windows Vista by clicking on the desktop, then holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling with the mouse wheel. Faster than right-clicking on the desktop, then View > Classic Icons. Arcade

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A protective covering for the backs of chairs and sofas.

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Take your guitar to the gym

The purchase of an iPod nano (three days before the announcement that the hundredth million iPod had been sold – yes, that was me) changed somehow my profile, so much so that it prompted David to exhult PopBitful is

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To habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection; accustom.

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Simple dinner with a friend tonight

My ex-flatmate is coming to dinner tonight. My ex-flatmate is a chef. I should therefore probably be all stressed out and produce a repeat performance of our recent overcomplicated dinnerparty that was not particularly successful taste-wise. Maybe I should worry,

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The 4am feed reader quiz

Instructions are for Google Reader, but you can probably play with other aggregators. Refrain from checking your feeds for a day or so, until most blogs you read have had a chance to update. Switch to the ‘List view’ setting.

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By a small amount at a time; in stages: articles acquired piecemeal. In pieces; apart.

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Not much into Nuts

I always happily give away any pretense of privacy and let people access my data for a quid or two. It is therefore hardly surprising that I always, always use my Tesco ClubCard, even when I but a stick of

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Retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species

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How to save your password in Outlook 2002 on Vista

I have been running Windows Vista Home Premium for a couple of months now, and the biggest annoyance is that it refuses to retain your email account password(s) if you are using Outlook 2002. Windows claims you need to enter

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Alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or bootleg liquor: “bootleggers smashed on their own hoochâ€? (Christopher Hitchens). Marijuana.

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‘Show Top Commentators’ WordPress plugin

I have installed Show Top Commentators, a quick and easy WordPress plugin to show who left the most comments on this website. You can see the top five from the past 365 days under ‘Top commentators’. The current top five

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To make decorative additions to; spruce up.

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Sunday lunch: fish and chips

I always find that whenever I put together a meal with the only few ingredients I can find at home, it turns out quite well. So on Friday night, after a short but hard week at work, the last thing

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Just a pointless exercise in stubbornness

While preparing to install the Add-Meta-Tags WordPress Plugin, a quick way to automatically generate XHTML meta tags with existing post categories and blog tagline, for the first time I feel the need to put something in the Options > Tagline

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Small freshwater fish, often silver-coloured.

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7 things I did not know last week

I knew you made fish batter with beer. I did not know that you can replace it with sparkling water, must not mix too vigorously and should add a bit of fizzy water or beer at the very end, because

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