Come out, come out, wherever you are

I am definitely a lurker. I read and use and breathe the web, but before posting a comment anywhere or actively taking part in an online discussion, I absolutely need to make sure that I have something to say, and that my contribution adds value, and that nobody else has already made the same point.

Needless to say, most times there is no need for me to leave a trace.

A couple of years ago Veerle Pieters wrote a post encouraging people to leave a comment saying just who they are, where they live, what they do. She did it again last year and today, and Roger Johansson at 456 Berea Street followed suit.

I left a quick comment on both sites, mainly because I’ve been reading them for some time now and I thought it was a good time to let them know it.

I would really love it if you, gentle reader, could take one minute of your time to do that for me.

You know how I go on and on about how I only have two readers, who I meet on a regular basis? Well, I’ve always believed it was an exaggeration, but I’d hate for that to be true, so let me know you’re there. Just knock.

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