So I got a much-wished-for1GB second generation iPod shuffle for Christmas from Dr B.

I must say that I have not yet explored all the places it can be clipped on, but I already am very pleased with it.

Here are a few things I discovered during my four-day ownership:

  1. I cannot sync it with Dr B.’s desktop computer (the one that holds all our music) because he uses iTunes on it with his 80GB iPod Video and the library shows no trace of Girls Aloud, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani or Britney Spears. However, I could fill it with the entire Sisters of Mercy discography should I ever feel the need to;
  2. I know there are alternative flash-memory MP3 players with similar specs at a fraction of the price – but they do not make you want to lick their sexy brushed aluminium cases as much;
  3. it sounds even better when it plays the top 9 most ace Swedish pop songs of 2006;
  4. if you Google “itunes” the top two (paid-for) results are from companies that are not at all associated with Apple but that feature the iTunes icon (the CD with the dual eight notes) very prominently on their websites. I almost fell for it, but I quickly noticed that the notes were blue and not green as in iTunes 7;
  5. and; so far, this entry-level gadget has not made me want to own every item that has ever come out of Apple’s design labs. Although, if money was not an issue…