The Red Heart Ball held to raise funds and awareness of Worlds Aids Day was probably not a success, unless it filled out in its later hours.

It was empty at 9 when we arrived at Koko after warming up at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and still pretty much not busy at all when we left at 10.30 and headed out to DTPM to cut our losses, before I even had a chance to climb and lick the stage Madonna had tread upon just over a week before. I kept staring up at the glitter ball, large enough to hold her, maybe she was still trapped in there and I could go save her and we would become friends and go heartlessly kill pretty doe-eyed does together.

Well, in the end it was worth going to have a look at the sumptuous venue anyway. A good lick of (red laquered) paint and several (faux) crystal chandeliers did wonders to the former Camden Palace, but it was not enough to make us resist the temptation of going on to more peopled dancefloors.

One quick phonecall to one of my friends who joined us with eight half-price entry passes to DTPM, and we were crossing the doors of the palace of naughty Sunday night clubbing.

Musical highlight: hearing some sort of instrumental mix for Hung Up. All you could make out was the distinctive strong bass line, and possibly a muted, muffled hint at the ABBA-borrowed loop. It works.

Surreal highlight: being dragged off the stage from the above friend who wanted to talk business and introduced me to a guy who desperately needed a developer to build a website around a 5,000-entry SQL database – in two days!

I checked the website last night, it actually announces it is being launched on 30 November. Did he not know you should never say when you are going to launch something online, because something always goes wrong?

This guy gave me his card with a hopeful look and said that the agency who was working on the website pulled out saying it was too complicated and they did not have enough resources, and so he was desperate. Funny how you can always trust a gay man to dance his tits off in the face of adversity.

I politely declined to help and wished him to quickly find someone who could. Looking at the state the people in the club were in, I doubt he found them there.

Totty highlight: spotting him off the telly I like a lot. The one I once mentioned had a blog.

It was either him or a very convincing lookalike who should totally take advantage of the resemblance to bed as many sad star-strucked stalkers as he could.

I left the club at four and went to bed at 5.30, via a very long bus ride to Leyton and back, just because I thought it was within walking distance from home. It is not.

And as I said, I slept for two hours, went to work and spent the day writing multi-step forms in ASP. It was quite a disappointment to realise that my job was so undemanding.