Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl: a short review

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan

Nancy hustles as Suzy. She is engaged to the perfect man, Matt, who is unaware of her job. As wedding plans draw close, she wonders whether she should tell him what she does and would she then miss turning tricks? This is often illustrated during her therapy sessions.

A novel that can easily be devoured in one go, not because it is fantastically written, but for the quickly established familiarity with the narrator – you just want to know what happens next, and on this note I shall only say that the ending is surprising (and for some readers no doubt unsatisfactory) in the way it is dealt with.

The novel glamorises the Manhattan high-class call girls demi-monde, where women are in control and their power over men is dizzying (one reason why Nancy does not want to stop). I am positive that for one such hooker there are at least another one hundred doing it rough in the streets.

However, this world of Gucci strappy heels reminded me so much of Belle De Jour’s blog-turned-book that it must exist – either that, or they both are fiction.

Three and a half out of five.

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