Month: June 2005

links for 2005-06-25

Grokker – A New Way to Look at Search Visual search engine with clustered results. Requires Java (tags: 3d google internet search web)

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New: frequently asked questions

Found a short list of frequently asked questions I had started writing a while ago and published them. If there is anything else you want to know, please ask.

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links for 2005-06-24

Oscillate Wildly: Rusty Joiner Rusty Joiner, ‘fitness model extraordinaire’. Personal body expectations suddenly got even more unattainable. (tags: fitness model rustyjoiner) Spell with flickr Enter a word and spell it with photos from Flickr (tags: flickr photo spell) Freecycle ‘It’s

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links for 2005-06-09

Wired 13.06: Rubik’s Cube Feeds Need for Speed ‘Two decades after the madness, people are still solving the classic 3-D puzzle as fast as possible. When that gets boring, they do it blindfolded.’ (tags: rubik games) Flickr: Photos from Least

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links for 2005-06-08

Obscure Topics from Words that have fallen out of common usage (tags: language dictionary words english)

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links for 2005-06-07

BBC NEWS | Health | Keeping fit may only take minutes ‘Cycling at top speed for two minutes in 30 second bursts with four minutes rest between each sprint’ as effective as cycling ‘for two hours a day at a

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links for 2005-06-05

Bad Wolf – who is bad wolf? what is bad wolf? BBC website with clues, theories and revelations in anticipation of the ‘Bad Wolf’ episode in two weeks. I’d given up all hope to ever get into sci-fi, but this

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links for 2005-06-04

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Patients ‘made way’ for Minogue ‘A row has erupted over allegations that elderly cardiac patients were moved from their beds to make way for singer Kylie Minogue to have cancer surgery.’ (tags: kylie

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