Received letter. It’s OK. Not unexpected.

Thus texted Dr B.’s father – or that is the basic jist of it as Dr B. told me on the phone, I hope the message was slightly more elaborate.

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8 comments on “love
  1. Janne says:

    Oh, things are happening in Bitful-land… Way to go Dr! May you have many delightful trips to Ikea preparing the flat for another person! ..or maybe he still has to stick to his drawer…

  2. luca says:

    Spooky – Dr B. is actually at Ikea this very moment! In the Ikea restaurant to be precise, scoffing meatball and fries in lingonberry jam.

    As for my drawer at his place, it is currently empty. I cleared his flat of all my belongings last weekend as useless stuff had started piling up and the drawer was not getting any bigger.

    I am back to living out of an overnight bag. Next thing I know is I’ll start turning my underwear inside out so that I can get two days’ wear out of it.

  3. linguafranca says:

    What’s next for DrB? Nutella and spaghetti?

  4. luca says:

    I’m no better than that really.

    I have been known to dip French fries in vanilla ice-cream (my regular order ‘chez MacDo’. And a childhood favourite of mine was processed cheese spread on rich tea biscuits.

    Imagine my bliss when I moved away from Italian gastronomic dictatorship and stepped into British culinary anarchy…

  5. Marcus says:

    Good for him, and you…..

    Those letters are always so bloody hard to write, I waited until I was 30 and even if I didn’t give a flying fuck what my mother would say I thought it was pretty difficult to write at the time.

  6. Marcus says:

    And good for IKEA…….

  7. muto says:


  8. ian says:

    Way to go, Dr B.

    The phrase in all of this that would most make me want to hit my head repeatedly against a solid brick wall is that “Not unexpected”.

    After a certain age, parents are just doomed to disappoint….