My child is two today.

My baby blog has been doing fine in a steady, unremarkable way. Whenever visits peaked or the service was interrupted, it did not let anyone know. Hell, it probably did not even notice.

Two whole years of regular blogging. I have seldom used the words “two years” and “regular” when describing something related to my involvement. “Not constant” and “quickly losing interest” are more familiar terms.

I feel it is about time to buy my baby new clothes, for it has outgrown its pink one-page-fits-all diapers. It is also time to let go, experiment and be free.

Be gentle and understanding if my baby acts silly, becomes a little self-centered or just plain pretentious. Make sure to report any misbehaviour to me though.

It is far from perfect. It is for fun. This is why I love it.

Happy second birthday Bitful Boy.

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