MistletoeMerry Christmas! For it is tonight, and not on the 25th, that Dr Bitful and I are going to celebrate it this year.

My man is going to spend it with his family in Birmingham and I’m going to stay in London and be with friends. I cannot say I feel ok about this – he is my family and the one person I want to cuddle up in front of the [imaginary] fireplace with – but it’ll have to be like this this year because you see, he is not out to his parents.

He loves his family and enjoys spending Christmas with them, and that’s fair enough. From what he’s told me they seem to be sound, honest people (they undoubtedly did a pretty good job raising him), not at all of the Mel Gibson pious bigotry kind, and yet he has been unsuccessfully trying to come out to them for the past five years. I cannot understand why, all I could see is that it’s an extremely touchy issue that brought tears to his eyes when I tried asking him about it.

In all other circumstances he is far from being a coward, nor does he enjoy telling lies for the sake of convenience, and yet he cannot tell his close family that there’s a very special man in London pretty much on his own, waiting for him to hurry back home.

So our Christmas is tonight. We’ve cleaned and cooked and wrapped and downloaded and mistletoed all over. In a way I’m lucky – I get to celebrate twice.

I wish this and all your Christmases to come to see you snuggled up with one or several of your loved ones.

Peace x x x