Date update:

  • Met J. at The Yard for a couple of drinks. Jaw-dropping handsome. Excellent, lively, stimulating conversation, lots of eye contact and smiling.
  • Went for a quick, cheap dinner at the Stockpot. More animated discussion, that we both cranked up a notch with tactful, subdued flirting.
  • After-dinner coffee at Bar Italia, where I showed off by ordering in Italian.
  • Tube ride to his place for a nightcap. Sat on the couch as he shyly put his arm around my shoulders, like a coy teenager at an important movie date.
  • Tender, passionate, sweet, intense, raunchy sex.
  • Cuddle and sleep.
  • More tender, passionate, sweet, intense, raunchy sex.
  • Breakfast (him) and cigarette in the garden (me).
  • Kissing and apologizing for my cigarette breath – he said he does not mind it at all.
  • One last kiss in his car as he dropped me off at the tube station, just like long-term partners on their way to work.

So where’s the catch?

(Oh, and he is 31, by the way)

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