Luca Belletti

Product Manager living in London (UK)

So much for negotiations

I made an offer to the potential employers and they said now right away. I took some time to think it over, and today I called them to say I am refusing their offer (they simply cannot expect me to work hard for peanuts).

I feel good about it, I am sure that by looking around a bit more I’ll be able to find something better.

No more new economy?

Another week wheezed by and took me by storm with its events.

I got a job offer that I am considering at present. That would mean changing completely the direction my career has taken lately, and I might just drop the web and take on a position in human resources and logistics, for an oil services company (old, very old economy, for a change). I should give them a ring in an hour or so to make a counter-proposal to them, and see how far they can stretch in order to meet my needs. I always feel very nervous about doing this, but I’m getting better and better.

Is this a hoax?

I am absolutely, utterly horrified. I just received a chain letter illustrating the atrocious cruelty a company in Japan is inflicting to cats. If it’s a joke it’s thoroughly sick and very sad, I just cannot find the words to describe what they are doing. You can find out what it is about by visiting their site but beware, those images might haunt you for a while. If you want to take action against it, drop me a line and I will forward the petition for you to sign.

I need a change

Well well well, I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. Got it through a dear friend of mine who’d heard of the position going and thought of me. I still do not know very much about the job itself, a lot needs to be discussed at the interview, but the prospect of leaving my current position excites me (I definitely do NOT get a high on being ordered around by a couple of 22-year-olds who happen to be there by mistake – that’s the New Economy, take it or leave it – and I might either leave it or leave Italy. Again…)

I’ll get to see my friend C. from Paris this weekend, he’s planning to come to Milan with his boyfriend. I think it’s the first time someone comes and visit me here, does that mean I’m settling down? Scary thought, but I might just have to deal with it.

Some people still elope

I just got a phonecall from my friend R., she just got back from a holiday in Fiji where… she got married to her boyfriend of 10 or 11 years (can’t remember, it seems like ages anyway).

I must confess I was sort of expecting this, I always thought they were the kind of people who’d do something like that. I was told it all took place on a beach and was very romantic. I’m just a tiny bit disappointed because I’d have loved to be there on the big day, but I respect their decision to have something intimate.

Milan is bloody hot these days, which does not go very well with the fact that lately I’ve had this urge to go to work in a suit. I look at all those businessmen covered with layers of garments, their necks half strangled by their ties, and wonder how they do that. Well, it’s probably just a phase I am going through, I will most likely soon revert to jeans and t-shirt…

Paris – New York

I have been trying for ages to upload posts to my blog, with no success. I saved one of them, written a few weeks ago (June 25th, to be precise), just as a short update on wat I’ve been doing:

“Weeks can go by with me doing nothing but sleep eat and work, and then – bang! I get down to catching up with long overdue chores in a few days. That’s me. So, last week’s events:

  • I completed the article on gay life in Milan for a French gay magazine; as I thought, I stood up all night for the finishing touches, then went straight to work and pretended to get something done, in fact I was merely staring at the screen and typing away at nothing.
  • I booked a ticket to Paris, I’ll be visiting friends and going to my friend A.’s 30th birthday bash next weekend. I am so thrilled to go back to Paris, I left it 2 years ago and I miss my friends enormously.
  • I also booked my trip to the States. Now, that’s a 15-year dream that’s coming through. It all started with my friend S. announcing she’s getting married to K., then I came into a bit of money when I was made redundant, then at my new job I was told that the office will be closed all August… so I decided I am going to leave good ol’ Europe for the first time in my life. Very excited about that.
  • And, to top it all off, I was finally able to walk down the street with pride holding my boyfriend’s hand – Milan had its first gay pride march, attendance was enormous, which proves that Milan has a huge gay community although the city is doing nothing to acknowledge that.

Now I badly need some rest, but work needs to be done, Geri Halliwell will be performing in the main square downtown tonight, plus I’m going to a birthday dinner tonight. Not bad for a Monday – I need a weekend… now!”

Always last minute

News from the French mag I’m writing for: I managed to get the deadline extended to next Friday. Whew. Something tells me that I’ll be up all Thursday night…

Almost Madonna

Now, there is no doubt I love my good friend G. dearly, and I am so sorry he ended up in hospital and looks like he needs surgery. BUT he happens to be the privileged owner of a ticket to Madonna’s gig here in Milan next Thursday, and it’s unlikely he’ll manage to go.

There are 2 options: either the doc lets him go, provided that he goes in a wheelchair and someone takes him there and watches over him, or he sells his ticket to someone else. In either case, I would be the one going.

Third option: he suddenly recovers and manages to go – and I would just love that to happen!

Missing him

The weekend news are better: I went back to my mum’s house, she was away so I spent the weekend there with my boyfriend.

I wish I could see him more often, I’ve just asked him to come and see me in Milan next week (my flatmate will be away), or at the latest the following weekend for the Italian Gay Pride march here in Milan.

So disorganised

PANIC! I just realized that the deadline for the article I am writing is not June 13th as I thought, but June 10th = yesterday! I actually had the correct date written down in an e-mail I received, but somehow I was convinced that I had two more days.

I just sent a message asking for an extension (that reminds me of my college days, always cramming at the last minute – it must be a personality trait of mine that I cannot seem to correct).

So, I’m waiting for an answer and I find it hard to concentrate at work today.

What I did the last two months

Random achievements of the past 2 (blogless) months:

  • moved to Milan
  • got a job
  • lost 4 pounds
  • put back on 4 pounds
  • was commisioned an article for a magazine

And many more yet to come…

The Last Kiss

Some friends of mine are making babies (welcome Caterina), some others are getting married – is my generation finally taking responsibilities? We seem to have a problem with that in Italy, 30 year olds refusing to grow up, and I’ve just seen a brilliant Italian movie describing this phenomenon vividly. If it ever shows at a theatre near you, don’t miss L’ultimo bacio (The Last Kiss) by director Gabriele Muccino (who is rumoured to sign with Miramax to produce 3 movies in the US – I hope that will not affect his style).

Italian popstars

I’ve just shaved off my goatee completely. It feels quite odd, I think I had not seen my upper lip for the past 4 years.

Meanwhile, “Popstar” (Italian version of the “5 Divas” TV format ) has ended tonight with Lollipop (5 girls selected among thousands to fabricate a Spice-Girls-style-girl band and record) signing autographs upon release of their single “Down Down Down”. I don’t expect them to break records and enter charts at #1 like Hear’Say in the UK or Bardot in Australia, although they are all talented and with lots of personality.

It’s just the song that’s not too good. Catchy, yes, but of poor quality indeed. So why have I been humming it all afternoon? I’d better put on some Björk to erase that, Selmasongs will just do (I’m in a good mood so I won’t risk getting all sad thinking of Dancer In The Dark).

Back to the city

This is going to be more journal- than blog-like, but… boy what a day.

I don’t know what has happened to me, but I think I just took the decision to move back to Milan, where I had been living and working up to a couple of months ago. It is a very painful decision to take, because I will have to leave behind the two persons I love the most, my boyfriend and my mother. But there is simply no job opportunities for me here.

It has been hard to face the truth, I honestly thought that I could have found a job here, but the web is simply not developing here. People are not interested, they do not care about it and, more importantly, they question why they should change the way they have been doing things for the past 50 years.

Me, I’m not like that, and I can’t fit in.

So I guess it’s going to be “back in Milan” time soon. The people who love me understand that I have to be satisfied at work in order to have a good mental health, even if it’s going to be difficult to carry on the relationships while being 400 km away from them, like I used to be in the past, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

I now own a piece of the internet

That’s it. I’d had enough juggling with free web space providers, website- and email-redirect services, and I took the big leap into ownership of my own domain.

I found it so easy and convenient to do that that I wonder why I haven’t done it before.

So (if everything works out fine) it should be active in up to 5 days, and I’ll be able to transfer this blog over there. More info later.

The dolls are live

A little tinkering with the site, and the dolls page is now redesigned. I used a bit of JavaScript to open new windows, but I am a bit unsure about that. I wonder how many people have that disabled, and I don’t know what might not work in that case. If you encounter any problems with the new design, please drop me a line, I’d be grateful for that (I am learning as I go on).

HRT is good for me

Yeepee! I just realized that HRT1 is showing the awards ceremony live. That’s the Croatian National Television, my main source for movies and sitcoms in the original language (Italy dubs everything in Italian).

I live close enough to the border to catch that, so I guess it’s sleep time for the PC – and no more sleep for me tonight, for I’ll be trying to lip-read the acceptance speeches that are dubbed in Croatian by the sleepiest simultaneous translator that I’ve ever heard.

Oscar keeps me awake

I mean, there must be better things to do at 4 AM like, I don’t know, SLEEPING?

Oh well, it’s gone now, might as well read some news. I wonder how the academy awards are doing (due to the time zone difference between Italy and the West Cost of the USA, it must have started about one hour ago…

Does it work?

Oops!… This means that I’ve been saving my pennies pointlessly for the past 8 years. Darn. But I can confirm that the last sentence is true (I wouldn’t know about the liposuction bit, though)

No ice-skating for me to watch

I just found out that the ice-skating world championship is on at the moment.

There was a time when I used to watch that on TV all the time, and then rush to the ice-rink and try (pathetically) to do the same. Now the nearest ice-rink is one hundred miles from here, Italian TV refuses to broadcast it (“surely those 4 sissies who are interested in it can afford to get cable, can’t they?”) and, frankly, I’ve got better to do. But I miss it. And I certainly would not mind watching him skate…

Madonna shocks again

First with Justify My Love, then Erotica. Now Madonna has managed to raise controversy once again with her latest video. As with the previous ones, I expect Italian television to play it non-stop regardless of what it displays – my country is full of contradictions…

Problem solved

Problem seems to be solved by changing the Archive setting to “no Archive”. Don’t really need that right now as I’ve been posting for under a week.

Through the barricades

Well it worked. I’m on my way to the ultimate separation of style and content.

As per the atmosphere at home, We have not stuck our noses out of the main door since Sunday night, fearing that we could all be murdered by the evil brother so that he can get the whole inheritance…

Note to self: go out TODAY – fridge empty.

Oh, Netscape…

I just spent the whole afternoon testing my blog site with Netscape (I’ve only ever used Explorer) and it sucked!

I wonder how many people out there use Netscape, I don’t care, I think it’s fair to give them all a chance to see things as I meant them to look like.

I also removed all layout tags and used a style sheet instead (after checking that it was OK with Netscape). Let’s see if this works…

About me

Woke up at 3:30 AM (grrrr…) and started putting together a few facts about myself. You’ll find them in the about page.

The list is not exhaustive yet, I’ll fill in more info later. In the meantime, should you like me to answer any other questions, feel free to ask.